PilgrimRace 2023 - FROM JULY 2nd. TO JULY 8th.

The winter road

“pilgrimage route to Santiago.”

The Camino de Invierno is a pilgrimage route to Santiago where many pilgrims chose to enter Galicia, especially in the winter, to avoid encountering the difficult passage of the snowy peaks of Cebreiro. This follows the natural channel that marks the river Sil, for a lower ground levels, turning it into a way of communication between Galicia and the Castilian-Leonese plateau. Along about 210 km it crosses the four Galician provinces, after leaving the Leon region of the Bierzo. It makes its entrance in Galicia by the region of Valdeorras, continues by the south of the province of Lugo and near the Faro mount enters the region of the Deza, joining in Lalín (shelter of A Laxe) to the Sanabrés or Mozárabe way, until Santiago de Compostela. Copy and map by Aída Menéndez