PilgrimRace 2023 - FROM JULY 2nd. TO JULY 8th.

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Just as the stages of competition and experience are not the same, neither is the day to day in each one of them.

On the days of competition, the alarm sounds very soon, when the sun has not yet risen, so that you can have breakfast quietly and have time to pick up the tent and do the digestion before catching the bike at nine o’clock in the morning.

As the participants cross the goal, the first thing they do is give themselves a comforting shower and then go to the dining room and recover all the energy invested during the stage. The afternoon is to rest, either with a nap in the tent or perhaps with a talk commenting the day with the rest of Pilgrims.

The last hour of the afternoon is the one where we share briefing and dinner, to go all to bed with a full stomach and all the clear concepts to face with guarantees the new day.

In the days of experience not only changes the free time, but also the stage itself. The starting time is earlier, at 8am. Once on the way, participants are free to stand where they consider it necessary and admire the local architecture, take pictures with their colleagues for many days … or have a beer.

The food, both the schedule and the place, is free, so that we can live more deeply the experience of el Camino de Santiago, enjoying the local gastronomy and the charms of this legendary route.

In the afternoon the atmosphere is much more relaxed in the camp knowing that we have already been squeezed to the maximum in the competition part and that now it is time to live the experience of el Camino … and the Pilgrim Race by TressisALAPAR.


Competition + Experience. 7 stages: Four days to test and challenge yourself and three to enjoy the bike. The whole essence of the Pilgrim Race by TressisALAPAR in seven stages.


Experience. 3 stages: Go through el Camino de Santiago is an unforgettable experience … multiplied if done within the Pilgrim Race by TressisALAPAR. 3 days to see the Camino like you never imagined

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