PilgrimRace 2023

Information For Riders

Don’t forget anything
Personal - Technical - Protection

The fourth edition of Pilgrim Race by TressisALAPAR will take place from the 2nd of July to the 8th of July of 2023,  starting in Madrid. In the race record all runners will receive a bag of Pilgrim and this will be the only luggage to be transported from one stage to another, so it is recommended to each runner belongings load the minimum requirements. The tents of competitors will have cot mountain and participants must have their own sleeping bag, pillow and mattress should they see fit. Please leave all valuables at home, race organizers will sign no responsibility for any loss or theft of property.

Mobile phone

Fully charged and programmed with all emergency numbers (provided in the inscriptions of the race). mobile phone charging facilities will be available at the office of the organization.

First aid kit

It consists of bandages, dressings, adhesive tapes, bandages, paper and survival blanket sunscreen with a minimum SPF factor of 20.


removable patches, camera, inflator, multi tool.

Parts advised

Radios, derailleur, chain, Powerlink, shoes, helmets.

Fluid hydration pack

Fluid hydration pack is not mandatory, but the use of it is recommended for race.


Three sets of cycling clothing.

Nutritional Supplements

It is recommended to carry energy bars, energy gels and mineral salts. If you use other supplements, remember to include them in your race kit.

Eye protection

A pair of sunglasses.

Do not bring C02

Do not bring C02 or compressed air, they are banned on flights.

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