PilgrimRace 2023 - FROM JULY 2nd. TO JULY 8th.

Frequent Questions

All you need to know
Where will the race starts on the first day?

The race will start on 2nd July 2023 from Madrid.

In the same place will take place the delivery of bibs, briefing … Coming out of Madrid ideal for the night before the start of the race.

Are there any international flight that arrives directly to the city of Santiago?

International flights have a layover at the airport of Santiago.

What is the distance from Madrid to Santiago?

The real distance 487 kilometers, 601 highway.

How long before the start of the race it is advisable to get to Madrid?

It is advisable to arrive at least 48 hours in advance.

What time the stage begins each day?

The official time is at 9.00 am for the competivive part and 8.00 am fot the experience part. Schedule changes are determined by the organization.

¿Estará señalizado el recorrido?

The course of the race will be marked. The organization will carry out a brief the day prior to each stage. It is not necessary to have knowledge of navigation.

You will signaled the route?

The route of the race will be marked as a whole. the organization will make a brief before each stage. No need to have knowledge of navigation.

When will I know the route?

The route will be published before the race starts.

How support services work?

The mechanical and physiotherapy service is provided by + QUEBICI. They can be contracted at the time of registration or up to one week before the start of the race.

You can contract both services or only mechanical or only physiotherapy.

If I don’t contract any service, can I do it once the race has started? It will depend on the workload of the +QUEBICI team and they will confirm on site if they can provide the service.

Is the night in Santiago included?

No. The participants must book their accomodation by themselves.

When and where will be the collection of numbers?

The day before the start of the event.

What if I do not get the control Step on the schedule?

In this case, the organization will pick up participants who have fallen behind with the broom car and move to the camp. These participants can take out the next day, but not be eligible for the general classification.

What if I leave on a stage?

Participants leave at any stage will be out of the general classification. They will be picked up (rider and bike) by the broom and transferred to the end of stage vehicle. They may take the start in the later stages, but their time will not be counted in the overall standings.

How much clothes should I wear?

It is advisable to carry at least one spare piece of equipment. It is also advisable to bring a light windbreaker and some warm clothes. For the rest of the day, summer clothes for the camp. It is important to bring something a little warmer for the night. The temperature in July in the northwest of Spain is mild with cold nights, with higher temperatures in the first five stages of the route.

Federative License

You do not have to be federated.

What happens if I am not federated? You have to pay the compulsory RFEC insurance corresponding to the price of the 7 stages or 3 if you only do the experience part.

What happens if I am federated? You will have to have the annual RFEC licence in force and present it together with your ID card at the bib collection. If you are federated you already have the insurance so you will not have to make any additional payment.

If you have any questions please write to Info@pilgrimrace.es or call us at : +34 91 702 51 69

How do I'll move my baggage each race day?

The organisation will transport the race bag of each competitor identified and stamped.

Every day up to 30 minutes before the start, the bag must be left at the baggage drop-off point. In the first stage it is next to the starting arch and in the following stages at the point indicated at the entrance to the bivouac.

Where do I pick up my bag? At the end of the stage your luggage will be in the tent that corresponds to your bib number.

Where I can save personal luggage during the 8 day race?

Identified with bib number of each rider.

We are able to communicate with the abroad?

Many areas where the camps are located have telephone coverage to be located near towns. Yet it may happen that in some areas or camps is impossible to find coverage.

How can I take my bike back home from Santiago?

The organisation will facilitate the transfer of the bikes from Santiago to Madrid. The bike will be delivered at the end of stage 7 in Santiago at the time of picking up the suitcase.

The reservation or confirmation of the transport service can be made on Saturday at the bib pick up. The cost of the transfer is 20 €.

The bikes can be picked up at Sanferbike M30 (Calle Monte Ulia on the corner of Calle Lozano 2 Cp. 28053) from Monday 4th July at 11.30am until Thursday 7th July at 8.30pm during shop opening hours.

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