PilgrimRace 2022 - FROM JUNE 26th. TO JULY 2nd.

Frequent Questions

All you need to know
Where will the race starts on the first day?

The race will start the 28th of June of 2021 in Madrid, hour yet to be confirmed.

Are there any international flight that arrives directly to the city of Santiago?

International flights have a layover at the airport of Santiago.

What is the distance from Madrid to Santiago?

The real distance 487 kilometers, 601 highway.

How long before the start of the race it is advisable to get to Madrid?

It is advisable to arrive at least 48 hours in advance.

What time the stage begins each day?

The official time is at 9.00 am for the competivive part and 8.00 am fot the experience part. Schedule changes are determined by the organization.

¿Estará señalizado el recorrido?

The course of the race will be marked. The organization will carry out a brief the day prior to each stage. It is not necessary to have knowledge of navigation.

You will signaled the route?

The route of the race will be marked as a whole. the organization will make a brief before each stage. No need to have knowledge of navigation.

When will I know the route?

The route will be published before the race starts.

How support services work?

Neutral mechanical service is free. The premium service mechanical and physical recovery service contract by your own.

Is the night in Santiago included?

No. The participants must book their accomodation by themselves.

When and where will be the collection of numbers?

The day before the race starts

What if I do not get the control Step on the schedule?

In this case, the organization will pick up participants who have fallen behind with the broom car and move to the camp. These participants can take out the next day, but not be eligible for the general classification.

What if I leave on a stage?

Participants leave at any stage will be out of the general classification. They will be picked up (rider and bike) by the broom and transferred to the end of stage vehicle. They may take the start in the later stages, but their time will not be counted in the overall standings.

How much clothes should I wear?

It is highly recommended to bring a maillot y culotte for each stage. We also recommend bringing a light windbreaker. During the rest of the day shorts and light shirts are used. It is important to wear something a little more shelter for the night.

Do you need to arrange to enter Spain?

Most participants traveling to Spain need to obtain a pasaport to enter the country. Advised by country of origin information.

How do I'll move my baggage each race day?

The organization truck will move the each rider bag identified and sealed .

Where I can save personal luggage during the 8 day race?

Identified with bib number of each rider.

We are able to communicate with the abroad?

Many areas where the camps are located have telephone coverage to be located near towns. Yet it may happen that in some areas or camps is impossible to find coverage.

How can I take my bike back home from Santiago?

If you’re living in Madrid, with Retrocycle. From other regions in Spain, with Tomàs Bellès. Please contact us through info@pilgrimrace.es for further information.

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