PilgrimRace 2023 - FROM JULY 2nd. TO JULY 8th.


The Pilgrim Race by TressisALAPAR is much more than a MTB race. Perhaps this is the phrase that best defines an experience that combines sport, feelings, nature, history … All this during the course of seven intense days in which you can experience the magic generated by a unique Way.

An adventure on two wheels that runs through the paths of el Camino de Santiago, but by two very unique routes: the one of Madrid and the one of Winter. Two paths to rediscover our love for the bike, to overcome ourselves in the competition and to build new friendships during the experience.

Because the Pilgrim Race by TressisALAPAR are two different worlds connected by the common link of the pedals: a first timed part designed to squeeze us out and give everything we have inside, to wake up at dawn with the mind set to show that all training of the past few months have been worth it.

And a final stretch in which we continue on our mountain bike but with a very different concept: to enjoy with capital E. The competitor becomes a pilgrim to discover new landscapes and towns full of charm, to meet all those people who like us go to Santiago de Compostela on foot, by bike or on horseback.

A week in which we will realize that no challenge is impossible if we truly believe we can achieve it and in which we will live something that will change us forever.

Only this, and all this, is the Pilgrim Race by TressisALAPAR.


Competition + Experience. 7 stages: Four days to test and challenge yourself and three to enjoy the bike. The whole essence of the Pilgrim Race by TressisALAPAR in seven stages


3 stages: Go through el Camino de Santiago is an unforgettable experience … multiplied if done within the Pilgrim Race by TressisALAPAR. 3 days to see the Camino like you never imagined.

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